About Veretto SEO

About Veretto

Veretto is a Search Engine Optimisation company that set out to design software to assist with the large task of marketing on the web. From early days of the web the founders of Veretto became interested in a path which has lead them to become a leader in Search Engine Optimisation Software and Solutions. The software system was named Veretto due to a part formula which was coined after its creator.

The Team

The team at Veretto come from diverse backgrounds and have specialties in areas that are unique to the tech industry.  Some are social media specialists, marketing managers, Adwords specialists, SEO Managers, software developers, content writers and many others. By tapping into each ones talent and ability we have developed a great team that can create responsive, fast and authoritative websites.

In 2018 the new CEO of Veretto has decided to take a leap forward and begin offering clients internationally this new system, enabling business owners globally to improve their local business and rankings.

Veretto look forward to bringing you more updated and technological advances within this niche area and hope to continue to be supported by the community and local business owners.

We thank you.