User Experience and Metrics


Why Are User Metrics Important Today?

As Search Engines develop they become smarter at detecting content that no one reads on the net.  Over time an article may gain a lot of links, however once the information become dated and new content comes out, users will turn to the more relevant article. Search Engines are learning that links are not determining the relevancy of content, but users are. The more time we spend on a video for example would indicate how much we liked it. Especially if we kept going back to it.  So how could a backlink tell you all that information? It doesn’t.

SEO companies are losing the ability to manipulate and market products and services online. We understand that there will probably be a day when backlinks are no longer used. We are already preparing and testing software with real human metrics to determine the effect on ranking results.

The team at Veretto do believe that we have now have a system to provide real user metrics which increase rankings. (Depending on Search Engines capabilities) We are ever developing our technology and systems to be able to be on the forefront of SEO.

If your Search Engine Optimisation is only concentrating on building backlinks, it isn’t building for the future.